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Sports Injury


All treatments are one on one hour treatment sessions that range from bodywork performance based soft tissue work, manual therapy, and corrective exercises dependent upon evaluation findings. 

Sports equipment

Performance Training

Provide an individualized and  structured exercise program whether you want improve performance in sport or every day daily activities. Programs range from strength & conditioning, general wellness, and injury prevention

Swedish Massage

 Performance and Recovery Bodywork 

Bodywork consists of specialized massage therapy and deep tissue manipulation to improve mobility, muscular tone, blood flow, immune system, and decrease stress levels.

Golf club and ball

TPI Golf

Titleist Performance Institute focuses on a the individual movements and how it relates to the most efficient swing. Our team provides a movement and swing assessment in addition to Golf Fitness Program or Treatment

Meditation Group

Corporate Wellness Program

Our Team provides a holistic fitness and recovery program for your employees ranging from small group training, yoga, meditation, etc. 

Group Workout Session

Small Group Training

Provide full body functional group training with modifications as needed focused on your individual goals. 

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